Consonance and Dissonance

The GEC Music Hub is back in action, with its latest article being on Consonance and Dissonance!

GEC Music Hub

Thadaa! (Drum roll)

The GEC Music Hub is back in action, with this 2nd article !


This time, let’s try to understand the concept of CONSONANCE & DISSONANCE in music. Well, sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?.. But trust me, it isn’t. 😛

CONSONANCE embodies the sweetness of a tone whereas DISSONANCE, the “beauty lies in imperfections” aspect.

This article primarily focuses on the western 12 tone scale (a.k.a equitempered scale).

The equal tempered scale consists of 12 notes within an octave.

Now, imagine a rectangle divided equally into 12 parts; each of the 12 parts represents one musical note. Each note corresponds to a frequency. This implies that if n is the first note, then n+n is the second note and so on.

Consider the C major scale (read article 1):


In relation to C, the consonant tones are F and G.

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Workshop on Improvisation

GEC’s Music Hub had their first workshop on Improvisation. Here’s a short summary of it.

GEC Music Hub

Hey Folks,

Well, the term “improvisation” has been synonymous with painters,writers, sportspersons,…music too doesn’t step away from it. In fact, every other tune you hear is solely based on the concept of improvisation ; be it a nursery rhyme, electronica, rock, Indian classical etc…

Improvisation: Spontaneous emission of musical ideas which have never been performed!!!

The spirit of improvisation is based on musical freedom. This means that improvisation is subjective in its entirety! Mistakes made whilst improvising are embarrassing yet humbling at times.Musicians have been actively breaking and bending rules through the concept of  improvisation.Well it’s an excuse actually, so that you can go around playing rubbish and enjoy yourselves.

Writing music is, in fact, among the simplest activities yet at times can be made complex. All born out of improvisation.

Most of us are aware that music consists of 7 notes. Now, what is a “note”?

A note is…

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What If?

Have you ever dwelt on how much your life could’ve been different because of a single choice? It can be heartbreaking at times to think how a single decision, which seemed perfect at the time, has ended up jeopardizing your life. Or, if not that, it’s frustrating to think about how the other choice would’ve, or could’ve, had just infinite new possibilities for you, and oh my, how many of them could’ve had you much happier than you are right now!
The question of “What if?” doesn’t always apply to your past. The future, too, holds a plethora of possibilities. And accompanied with possibilities are fears, too. Mostly, the fear of being a failure, or just another face in the crowd, an insignificant speck on this ever expanding Universe. Or worse, being known for the one mistake that you make.
But hey, as Julius Caesar (or was it Shakespeare?) said, “A coward dies a hundred deaths”. If you don’t go out into the world, you won’t make mistakes and learn from them. Besides, who knows what the Fates have in store for you. And even if you do make mistakes, commit blunders from which you feel there is no salvation, remember that you have at least learned something from the episode, and shall change yourself for the better. As they say, “everything happens for our own good”.

Unrequited Desire

Have you ever looked at a girl from a distance and thought of her as beautiful, but not sexy?


A feeling like this is almost always accompanied with regret; a “what if” scenario running through your mind, making every fibre of your beingcry out in pitiful anguish, because you know that no matter how much you may love that girl,she can never be truly yours. The most that you can be is just friends.

‘Just friends’. How can that be satisfyingin any way, when your heart cries for her, your stomach does back flips on seeing her and your mouth aches to scream her name as she goes away and away from you? But, you can’t do anything about it, either. Why, you ask? Because you love her too much to hold her responsible for the pain.

It’s even worse when you have never been able totell her how you truly feel about her. With your heart eating itself away whenever she even talks to another guy, death sometimes seems like a small price to pay than letting go of her.

But I digress. Have you ever looked at a girl from a distance and thought of her as beautiful, but not sexy? Watching her as she smiles, as that one single strand of hair falls across her face, how she reaches up to tuck it behind her ear, or how her long hair flows behind as she swiftly turns, you feel as to justwalk upto her and hold her in your arms forever, with an attraction that somehow isn’t physical at all, but something much more than emotional, something indescribable. You no longer start admiring her for her looks, or her figure; you no longer think of her as ‘hot’. In that one moment, you get a glimpse right into her soul, and your heart suffers a sudden spasm of pain as your own soul tries to reach out to hers, but in vain.

A short note for the female reader. You may always think that a guy will never rise above thinking of you as ‘hot’, ‘sexy’ or anything else in his base, perverted mind. As a guy myself, I shall neither confirm nor deny that. But there comes a time in every guy’s life when the heart overpowers the hormones andlife stops making sense until and unless the woman of your dreams is in his arms, to hold for all eternity as his own.

They may say that beauty is only skin deep, but when a guy thinks of a girl as beautiful, it’s a different matter altogether. In that moment, no other girl in the entire universe can hold a candle to the girl whom he intends to make his queen.

Regret. Living in the past may not help you enjoy your present, but with it comes a certain level of acceptance. And the reassurance, that wherever she is, with whoever she is, she is as happy as she can ever be. 

Zindagi Mein Haar Kar Jeetne Waale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hein – Beating an exam

How to prove a given equation in Mathematics exam???

1. Try out the formulae you’ve learnt in Math class (provided you were paying attention, which you most likely weren’t.)

2. If your answer turns out right then you got lucky, pal.


3. If your answer isn’t right, then your options are very few:

3.1. The Topper Method – You realise that a direct substitution of aforementioned formulae is not the way to the answer. You thus proceed to create the “asli formulae ke sahi mishran” to get the answer. (Note- Any hair loss due to pulling out your hair is to be ignored. What’s important is that you GOT THE ANSWER, albeit by “eating your morsel of food from around your head”, as the old adage goes.)

3.2. The Non-Topper Method

3.2.1. Scratch your head.

3.2.2. Bang your head on the desk.


a. Curse your stars, the teacher (for setting such a tough paper), the topper of the class (for being a topper and knowing the answer. Why do toppers even exist, besides being at the receiving end of any and all curses???), the invigilator (for not letting you cheat from said topper’s paper), your tuition teacher (for not marking that particular question as important). Basically everyone in the world, except yourself.

b. Now proceed to curse yourself, for all the playing and loafing around, the late night T.V. shows., Internet surfing and chatting with friends (and/or your boyfriend/girlfriend), all when you could’ve been studying.

3.2.4. Waste half an hour trying to recollect the questions you RATTOFIED the previous night.

4. Now completely bald from pulling out all your hair, you’re absolutely sure that you are getting a zero for the question.

But then you remember the famous lines: “Zindagi mein haar kar jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hein.”

Thus inspired, you proceed to go down valiantly and try the “To Zero and Nothing Beyond!” Theory.

5. Multiply LHS and RHS by 0.

6. Now since the LHS and RHS are equal i.e. they’re both zero, the statement given in the question is proved.

(Note- In your valiance and joy you have conveniently forgotten that the teacher may apply the same theory on your paper and give you a big 0 – zero. But, who cares? You got the answer!!!)